Government of Jamaica Houses of Parliament Design Competition


This report provides a summary of the proceedings and outcome of the deliberations of the jury for the first stage of the two-stage architectural competition for the design of the Jamaica Houses of Parliament. The competition is organized by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) on behalf of the Government of Jamaica.

Proposal Code: 8e53eb8c
Team Lead: Damian Edmond
Team: Damian Edmond, Franz-Joseph Repole – Form Architects Ltd.


Proposal Code: e67822c2
Team Lead: Guenet Anderson
Guenet S. Anderson, JIA (Architect of Record)
Emerson C. Hamilton, AIA (Executive Architect)
Adam Bridge, AIA (Lead Design Architect)
Lee Edgecombe, AIA, ASLA, AICP, CNU (Urban Planner, Landscape Architect)
Dwhyte Batson, B. Arch (UTECH Graduate Student, M. Arch)
Cheryl P. Hamilton (Real Estate Development Expert)

Proposal Code: F619D841
Team Lead: Evan Williams
Team: Design Collaborative, Christopher Bent, Daimian Hines and Gregory Lake

Proposal Code: 60ba2e16
Team Lead: Ravi Sittol
Team: Atelier-Vidal Ltd / Adjaye Associates Ltd.

Proposal Code: c8f76896
Team Lead: Stephen Facey
Team: Stephen Facey, Hugh Dutton, Laura Facey Cooper, Jenna Blackwood & Patricia Green

Proposal Code: c2fa2ccc
Team Lead: Mark Taylor
Team: Taylor Architects, Peter Jervis & Associates Ltd., HTG Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Proposal Code: df2697a3
Team Lead: Christopher Whyms-Stone
Team: Ltd.

Proposal Code: 57a543f2
Team Lead: David O’Connor
Team: Architects David O’Connor, Paul Moses Junior Thompson & Stephen Homer

Proposal Code: 41f971bs
Team Lead: Adrian Smith
Team: Nina Cooke John, Sekou Cooke and Petrina Dacres – Aesthetics Designs Ltd.

Proposal Code: 01b9a0ee
Team Lead: David Douglas
Team: DDnA Architects Ltd.

Proposal Code: 1d890383
Team Lead: Ann Hodges
Team: Kingston 10 Architects in association with Dynamica Architecture, Clifton YAP Architects, Elizabeth Kenedy – Landscape Architect

Proposal Code: 2e814dff
Team Lead: Darien Johnson
Team: Darien Johnson


Proposal Code: 5c9049d8
Team Lead: Name concealed upon request



Proposal Code: 58bc3799
Team Lead: Camiel Stanbury
Team: Studio 14 Architects         

Proposal Code: 59dcad5e
Team Lead: Lance Bailey
Team: Lance O. Bailey  

Proposal Code: 60f127aa
Team Lead: Michael Gyles
Team: Gyles Michael Associates

Proposal Code: 10719d90
Team Lead: Patrick Stanigar
Team: Patrick Stanigar


Proposal Code: 40270bb4
Team Lead: Howard Ferguson
Team: Howard Ferguson Architect & MCHarry Associates


Proposal Code: 08584832
Team Lead: Lascelles Dixon
Team: Lascelles Dixon & Associates / Maffessanti Design Ltd.

Proposal Code: aa01af40
Team Lead: Martin Lyn
Team: Martin E. Lyn Associates Limited


Proposal Code: d22edaae
Team Lead: Bryan Morris
Team: Plexus Limited Architects & Planners


Proposal Code: db1652bb
Team Lead: Name concealed upon request
Team: Name concealed upon request


Proposal Code: eefe9815
Team Lead: Garfield Wood
Team: GW Architects

Proposal Code: f4c0a474
Team Lead: Bruce Lopez
Team: Synergy Design Studio